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The future of radio broadcasting is Digital!

HD Radio™ AM and FM offer so much:

  • Simultaneous legacy analog transition period
  • Clean, clear audio
  • Multiple contents on the same channel
  • Album art and text
  • Background data channels for traffic and other info

Adding an online presence provides:

  • Interactivity with the listening audience
  • Backup streaming for poor coverage or interference
  • A new way to reach a younger audience
  • Detailed listenership data

AIM: All In Media

A suite of tools to help you develop your station’s app:

  • Live audio streaming
  • Build a single station app, or an aggregator app for all your radio group’s stations
  • Playback and store podcast content for offline listening
  • Multi-lingual – local language support
  • Users can record & send audio directly to your studio
  • Alarm clock and sleep timer
  • Use Google Analytics to track user engagement
  • Stream audio over Chromecast
  • Update your app using our online Template App manager

Now available exclusively from Broadcast Electronics in the Americas

BE is the world’s largest broadcast manufacturer having both transmitter and studio products, over 60 years of experience, and a reputation for excellent support after the sale.

All In Media

proven Worldwide

More studio tools from BE


Digital Automation

AudioVAULT FleX creates an environment that encourages talent to be creative as possible in delivering compelling content, building audience and increasing sales.


The Radio Experience

Broadcast messages to radio receivers, billboards, the web, social networks and portable devices. Similar to your music programming system, but with all the extras you’ll need.


Media Logger

Capture, analyze and archive audio/video from any source, podcast programs. Can be purchased as a standalone application or integrated into AudioVAULT.


Newsroom Management

Gather stories and audio feeds from newswire services, create scripts and audio cuts, present compelling newscasts. Scalable, from a small-market to a large city station.


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