Why choose
Broadcast Electronics?

Discover why BE is the right choice
for your Radio or TV station

Why choose Broadcast Electronics?

Choosing the right Transmission and Studio equipment for your business is crucial. Your entire business and your reputation depend on selecting the right partner to help you succeed.

We are the TV and Radio equipment manufacturer that gives you the confidence to trust that you’ve got a solid foundation for growth.

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    Proven Track Record

    For 60 years, we’ve delivered Best in Market Performance through higher power efficiency, better technical specifications, and less downtime than others in the industry.

    Our attention to engineering design, build quality, and high workmanship standards means that means that BE products “just work”. Engineers love the set it and forget it peace of mind they get when using BE transmitters.

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    Relationship-based Service

    Our goal is to give you the absolute best customer experience in the business.  To us, that means building professional friendships that are based on trust and partnership.

    It means being there for you when and how you needs us.  It means supporting you in times of trouble, and it means helping you get the most out of your BE investment.

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    Wide Spectrum Options

    From the latest in digital TV and Radio technology such as the best digital TV modulator available, to the highest power density FM transmitter, the most full-featured audio automation system and the most reliable AM low power transmitter available – we’ve got it.

    And there’s very rarely a problem we can’t solve, so we have your complete broadcast needs covered.

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    Shared Values

    Our customers choose BE because they share in our values. Serving a company’s broadcast needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take very seriously.

    Our values are: teamwork, clear and proactive communication, quality workmanship, and a commitment to industry best practices. These key ideals enable us to serve our customers in exceptional ways. We truly care about our customers and our industry and we want to be seen as business partners for life.


Financing options available

Our equipment leasing professionals partners will create custom-designed financing based on your unique situation. Your needs will be met with fast approval and flexible rates