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Today’s radio broadcaster wears many hats. Only Broadcast Electronics has the studio tools and the support you’ll need to manage it all, whether it’s voice tracking, ad-libbing on-air, creating a newscast, or getting in on the latest radio applications like podcasting, datacasting, tweeting or Tagging. One customizable, expandable and adaptable platform. Multiple modules that work together for you anytime, anywhere.


FleX & XPresso

AudioVAULT FleX creates an environment that encourages talent to be creative as possible in delivering compelling content, building audience and increasing sales. AudioVAULT FleX provides the tools you need to work smarter and achieve more. With all the features you need from an automation system, AudioVAULT XPresso is easy on the user and your budget.


Manage your online presence like a pro!

The future of radio broadcasting is Digital!


The Radio Experience

The delivery of radio and audio content continues to evolve across multiple different technologies which enable a rich user experience combining visual content – text, images, contextual data – along with audio.


Media Logger

Capture, analyze and archive audio/video from any source, podcast programs. Can be purchased as a standalone application or integrated into AudioVAULT.


Newsroom Management

Gather stories and audio feeds from newswire services, create scripts and audio cuts, present compelling newscasts. Scalable, from a small-market to a large city station.


Financing options available

Our equipment leasing professionals partners will create custom-designed financing based on your unique situation. Your needs will be met with fast approval and flexible rates

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