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Professional solutions for your TV or Radio station

Radio Transmitters

When it comes to radio transmission, BE’s transmitters are hard to beat. FM, AM, Tube, Digital, Analog, HD Radio… available for your radio to broadcast at its best!

Radio Transmitters

TV Transmitters

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the TV industry, our transmitters feature the most advanced and future proof modulation solutions in the Broadcasting market.

TV Transmitters

Studio Products

Today’s radio broadcaster wears many hats. Broadcast Electronics has the studio tools to manage it all, one customizable, expandable and adaptable platform.

Studio Products

Audio / Data Links

For many broadcasters, the Marti name is synonymous with remote gear. Check our solutions RPU (Remote Pickup Units) and STL (Studio Transmitter Links)

Audio / Data Links

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Valid until March 31st 2020

Limited Time Offer on Elenos 500W radio transmitters

Two for only $3,999.99.
Or one for just $2,200.

High Efficiency

Extremely low-power consumption and reduced operating costs

Smart functions

Extraordinary software that allows the transmitter to adapt to environmental conditions, allowing peak RF operation and superior audio quality

Compact size

Two rack units in height, with a weight of less than 30.8 lbs, unmatched power versus volume and power versus weight ratio

Exceptional stability

Repeatability, reliability and ease of maintenance through the use of planar technology within the entire RF section


Standard interface TC/TS (Telecontrol/Telesignal) for integration with traditional remote control and monitor systems

60 years of...


Broadcast Electronics celebrates 60 years of excellence, now we celebrate together with the Elenos Group
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