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Broadcast Electronics Offers AM broadcasters Over 50% Reduction in Energy Costs

Broadcast Electronics Offers AM broadcasters Over 50% Reduction in Energy Costs

New MDCL+ works with new and existing BE AM transmitters to minimize operating expenses

Quincy Illinois, May 9, 2024 — Broadcast Electronics, part of the Elenos Group, a global leader in designing and manufacturing broadcast products, including transmitters for TV, AM, FM, HD Radio®, and media software announces the launch of MDCL+, a simplified solution to help AM broadcasters. To be unveiled at the 2024 NAB Show (April 14-17, Las Vegas Convention Center), MDCL+ allows broadcasters to leverage intelligent transmitter power control which analyses modulation characteristics, and imperceptibly reduces the power level during programming to dramatically reduce power consumption and consequently cooling costs resulting in significant operational savings.

MDCL+ employs Modulation Dependent Carrier Level algorithms and can save most AM radio stations 50% or more of their electricity costs. A typical 10kW AM station operating 24 hours a day with an average electricity cost of 20 cents per Kilowatt/hour, the savings can be more than $12,000 every year.  Some locations (including Alaska and Hawaii) will have considerably higher power rates resulting in up to four times greater energy and cost savings.

 How does it work? MDCL+ works by reducing transmitter power during periods when the program is louder and quickly recovers power during quiet periods.  Any increase in received noise is masked by the louder program content.  Audio processing is easily adjustable to ensure the best power savings are obtained without affecting received audio quality.

 Is it easy to install? Yes, It would take less than 30 minutes to install on most BE transmitters, and a little more on most modern (> year 2000) brands.

 Are there any compromises? With contemporary audio processing, there is no reduction in coverage, and an unnoticeable difference in audio noise.

“We understand all broadcasters are looking to make the most out of their investment in infrastructure and minimize operating costs, without having to replace their transmitter to take advantage of new energy saving technology.” said Rich Redmond, President, and COO of Broadcast Electronics – Elenos Group. “MDCL+ was designed to allow AM broadcasters to cost effectively and simply upgrade existing equipment without a major overhaul of their transmitter site. We understand that transmitters are major purchases with long operating lifecycle, and we are pleased to be able to help operators extend their investment and reduce costs simultaneously”.