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Broadcast Electronics in brief

Broadcast Electronics, together with the Elenos Group, designs and manufactures a complete line of radio broadcast products, including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio and program automation systems.

One of the largest broadcast equipment manufacturer in the United States, BE is a global company that has influenced every major radio milestone since 1959.

What We Do

BE products are used daily in thousands of broadcast facilities on every major continent throughout the world.

What We Do

Who We Help

Our vertical solutions expertise helps worldwide Radio and TV stations aiming to broadcast with the best quality and with highly professional equipment.

Who We Help

Why Choose Us

We have a proven process to help you move your business forward and we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

A solid company

BE is a 60-year-old company located in Quincy, Illinois, where radio technology has been a family business for generations. Every major innovation that shaped modern radio originated in Quincy, and it is here that BE products are designed, supported and manufactured today.

Our facility in Quincy employs the latest instruments for research, new product design, prototype fabrication and testing.

We take advantage of the best practices of automated production, adding human attention to detail to ensure every product that leaves our factory meets or exceeds its published specifications.

All BE products are made from the highest grade materials by skilled workers, including some who have been with the company for more than 30 years.

BE’s dedication to the operation and business of radio and TV is notable and sincere. It is represented in our people, our processes and our products to earn the confidence of broadcasters worldwide.

BE’s sales team and international network of local representatives are among the most knowledgeable in the broadcast industry to guide BE customers through any technology transition, whether for studio or RF related products.

Our History

1959 - 1978

BE founded in Silver Spring, Maryland; first products are endless-loop tape cartridge machines for broadcast of audio content. In 1965 BE introduces the first multi-deck tape cartridge machine, Model 605/610. In 1970 product offerings expand to include mixing consoles, turntables and other essential radio studio products. In 1977 company relocates to Quincy, Illinois. In 1978 BE introduced a pioneering radio automation system, the Control 16, a microprocessor-based program control systems utilizing tape cartridge and open reel tape hardware.

1979 - 1990

In 1979 First range FM exciters and transmitters receives accolades for providing new standards of reliability and performance. In 1989 AudioVAULT, a computer-based radio automation system, with audio content on hard drives leads the digital conversion of radio studio operations. In 1990 BE begins delivery of AM transmitter.

1991 - 2002

In 1994 BE acquires Marti Electronics, maker of radio studio-to-transmitter interconnect and wireless remote broadcast equipment with powerful brand. In the same year BE introduces C Series FM Transmitters, BE’s solid state FM transmitter line that set the standards for audio quality, cost-efficiency, reliability and long life. In 1995 BE completes phase-out of analog studio products to focus on computer-assisted audio and data content creation and management. In 1997 BE introduces T Series FM Transmitters, providing single-tube TPOs up to 35 kW. In 1999 BE introduces S Series FM Transmitters, increasing BE’s FM solid state coverage up to 20 kW, or higher with dual-combined systems

2003 - 2009

In 2003 BE is the first company to market with HD Radio products, setting the technology and performance standards upon which other HD Radio products are judged. In 2005 BE acquires The Radio Experience, developer of hardware, software and services for creation, management and broadcast via analog FM, HD Radio and webcasting. In 2009 BE celebrates 50 years and introduced a new low power line of FM transmitters, the STX LP, with breakthrough size and design. In the same year BE announces the upgrade to ISO 9001:2008


In 2011 BE acquires assets of small start-up company and forms Commotion, a company specializing in social media and audience interactivity tools for radio. During the following years BE announces some new products: in 2011 the XPi 10 esp Embedded Exporter. In 2012 the STX LP Generation II 1-5kW FM Transmitters. In 2013 the STXe Series of Exciters / Low Power Transmitters. In 2013 the FM 40T 40kW FM Tube Transmitter. In 2014 BE celebrates 55 years of Radio Equipment Manufacturing Excellence and in 2015 announces STX 10 10kW FM Transmitter. In 2016 BE is purchased from within by Brian Lindeman, VP of Engineering.


In 2017 BE is purchased by Elenos S.R.L. on Dec 20th. (read press release) and in 2019 celebrates its 60 years of Radio Equipment Manufacturing Excellence

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