Capturing, Logging and Podcasting.

RDS, HD PAD & More

Stirlitz Media software is used worldwide by radio & TV broadcasters, distribution platforms, content and compliance monitoring companies, press agencies and media authorities.

The rock-solid Logger records multiple audio, video and metadata sources and gives access through the Timeline based Player.

Also available is an optional SM Podcaster that extracts and podcasts media from the log using fully automated scripts based on the logged metadata.

In addition, another add-on, the SM Inspector, can actually detect what other stations are broadcasting, who is advertising there and, if you would want, automatically find their traffic reports and highlight them for playback.

We chose Stirlitz Media as our partner for these applications because of their reliability, flexibility, quality and affordability.

Main Features

Log up to 256 stereo audio or 64 SD/HD video sources per server

Monitor your competition by detecting their music and spots

Automate iTunes ready audio/video exports from your logs

Stream on-demand parts of your radio and TV archives

Integrate as-run logs from all major play-out systems

Register GPIO data from consoles and other hardware

Register program ratings, loudness and signal levels

Report silences and loudness regulation breaches

Access your logs instantaneously through LAN & WAN

Tag parts of the Timeline with pre-defined and free-text metadata

Key benefits for radio stations

see the history of your program
monitor competition
detect ads and music play-out
automate news/traffic updates on website and mobile app

Key benefits for TV and Operators

native IP SPTS/MPTS capture
4K ready
extensive metadata capture
just software, running on any hardware
timeline based client

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