Flexibility is a key component of radio in the 21st century. The ability to be as versatile as possible is of the utmost importance to broadcasters the world over. These needs became the catalyst for the creation of AudioVAULT FleX, the digital suite from Broadcast Electronics (BE) that provides the radio industry with a program featuring all the tools necessary to work smarter and achieve more.

Radio Industry


Boasting the ability to be configured to fit any programming format in any size market, ranging from a single station to a multi-site operation, FleX was an ideal solution for South Dakota Public Broadcasting, who found itself in need of a more advanced and intuitive system that was also cost-effective. Anchored in Vermillion with additional remote studios throughout the state, AV FleX provided SDPB all the tools needed to control their station in Vermillion from any of their remote locations or on-the-go with the FleX mobile app.


SDPB Senior Communications Technician Steven Munsen spoke with BE regarding their upgrade to the FleX system. “This is our first time using BE products, and we are extremely pleased with the results,” said Munsen. “It is awesome to see this system in action, and we’re so thankful for the hard work Charlie [Noble, BE’s Technical Service Applications Engineer] has done for us.”
Customization has also proven to be a beneficial and wellreceived aspect of FleX for SDPB.


“Being able to customize the user experience for different shifts in the day and having the ability to use the software remotely in addition to iOS platforms has been very enjoyable,” Munsen offers. “We can program our automation to take remote studios to air without needing a board operator at our main studio.”
The upgrade to BE’s AudioVAULT FleX system marks a major milestone for South Dakota Public Broadcasting, one that BE hopes will continue to change the game not only in the realm of public radio, but across the broadcasting community at large. To learn more about AudioVAULT FleX and how it can help your station(s) work smarter and achieve more, visit bdcast.com.