Nestled along Lake Superior in The Great White North is Dougall Media, a multimedia company that, in addition to boasting a television station and a publishing company, houses four radio stations that serve Thunder Bay, Ontario and the surrounding area.

Dougall Media
Radio Industry


Since 1995, Dougall has trusted AudioVAULT to keep their stations running at peak efficiency.

The implementation of BE’s premier automation software is one that Senior Radio Engineering Technician, David Turecki, says has saved the company time and money by automating many important processes over the last 20 years.


“Our needs as a company included the ability to efficiently share all inventory files between our seven on-air servers”, said Turecki. “Our air staff also needed the flexibility to record files and perform their work from within any of [our] five control rooms.”

For Dougall Media, the answer was AudioVAULT. “Our initial installation involved the AV100 cards, and later “Our initial installation involved the AV100 cards, and later the Vault2 AudioVAULT software with Mixart8 cards, recalls Turecki. Since then, Dougall has continued using BE automation software, now operating AV FleX, the next generation of BE’s automation suite.

“We’re currently using AV FleX 10.41, incorporating the Axia IP Driver version 2.10,” offers Turecki. “Additionally, a fully functional, quick changeover backup system was developed for all four radio stations using one computer. Multiple channels of audio for playback and recording are available on our Axia Network simultaneously.”

As technology and needs change, one consistency for which Turecki is grateful is BE’s top-tier service and support. “Support has been excellent over the years in assisting with our changing needs and demands,” he says.


The upgrade to AV FleX has been of great benefit to Dougall’s engineering department and the on-air talent, with Turecki noting consistent, improved quality across the board.

“FleX has been very reliable and functional, Turecki offers. “Our on-air staff enjoys AVAir’s automatic segue feature. AVEditor greatly improves the quality and sound of transitions between playback events. Many other AudioVAULT features and programs (including AVRPS, AVimport, and Quickstarts) are used daily and allow our on-air talent to complete their work in a timely manner and sound great on the air! From an engineering perspective, engineering tools and system logs are incredibly helpful with regular maintenance and system changes.”

Whatever your needs, BE has a solution. From a wide range of RF transmission products and automation software such as AudioVAULT FleX and Xpresso, Broadcast Electronics is ready to help you and your station(s) work smarter and achieve more.