Mark Saia is the chief engineer of WOEN-AM 1360 in Olean, New York. With over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry, Mark has trusted and used Broadcast Electronics products nearly his entire career. So, when it was time for WOEN to make upgrades, Mark knew where to turn

WOEN-AM 1360
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“Our old 1kW transmitter from another manufacturer had become a continual problem,” says Saia. “It got to the point where it was unable to stay on the air. Since it was 40-years-old and factory support had ended long ago, the decision was made to invest in a new transmitter.”


Saia proceeded to contact Joe Myers, BE’s eastern regional sales manager. “I got a same-day quote from Joe,” a rate of expediency for which Saia was greatly appreciative. “Since this was my second BE AM-1A installation, I knew exactly what I was getting. I put the AM-1A in at WENI in Corning, NY seven years ago. Aside from the occasional tweak with the tuning and regular maintenance like cleaning the air filter, I haven’t had a bit of trouble with it in that time.”


Coupled with the customer support of BE, the ease of use and reliability of the AM-1A made the decision an easy one for Saia. “I recommended the BE AM-1A to WOEN, and that’s what we bought,” he says. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, Saia appreciates the simplicity of the workhorse that is the AM-1A. “It’s a solid, simple design,” says Saia, noting that he prefers the
transmitter’s meters and switches over a touch-screen interface. “I don’t think a lot of diagnostics is necessary in a simple 1kW transmitter. Most anything can be fixed with a swap of a few circuit boards.”


What else makes the AM-1A a winner in Mark’s eyes?
“The small, compact size makes it easy to install in existing rack space. I did the entire install myself in a few hours.”
Overall, the installation of the AM-1A has made Saia’s job easier by being an ideal, efficient upgrade that keeps WOEN performing strongly with each passing day. “It’s rock solid!” he exclaims. “It just keeps running and running. What could be easier?!” To learn more about BE’s full line of AM, FM, and HD radio transmitters, as well as studio automation products, contact your BE sales representative or visit