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BE at Texas Association of Broadcasters Convention and Trade Show 2021

Every year, a highlight on the broadcast calendar is the TAB – Texas Association of Broadcasters Convention and Trade Show. This year, it was held a the Marriott Hotel in Austin Texas on August 3rd and 4th. It was attended by over 1,400 radio and TV professionals and had over 135 exhibitors, including John Lackness and Perry Priestley from Broadcast Electronics. In their busy booth they demonstrated several new developments at BE including: 

  • The new AudioVAULT 11, and the innovative remote functionality that keeps your staff efficient and in control, even when they can’t be in the studios.
  • The full line of new Elenos and BE FM transmitters, with best in class efficiency and robustness, all at a price that can’t be believed, let alone beat.
  • The new line of Marti STL’s with the features and performance that George Marti himself would have been proud of.
  • Our new range of Audio Processors and Problem Solvers – never has sounding great on the air been so easy, and cost effective!

Learn more about these and other innovative broadcast solutions at

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