STX 10
Success Stories

BE Commitment to Quality

Did you know that every BE transmitter is subjected to rigorous reliability and functionality testing before it ships to customers?

For example, BE tests every STX-10 transmitter at seven (7) power levels ranging from 2,000W to 11,500W, into four different transmitter output impedance loads from a 1:1 VSWR to a 2.5:1 VSWR at 21 frequencies across the FM Band. Compare this with how your existing transmitter was tested!  

BE equipment has a long tradition of unparalleled reliability and this is continued with the recent release of the STX-10. This new 10kW FM transmitter is, not surprisingly, a popular choice with the major broadcasters.  Featuring a serviceable yet compact design, HD capability, and built-in RDS, it is being selected by broadcasters around the world as a reliable workhorse.

With engineered reliability, thoughtful functionality, and thorough testing, you can see why this is one of the most popular new FM transmitters available today.  

The picture below shows (from Right to Left) BE’s Senior Test Engineer Owen Mekitarian, Stuart Peters, Director of Operations and Perry Priestley, COO, reviewing the last details before another STX-10 is shipped.

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