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FM Transmitter Accessories - FC 30 SCA Generator



This product is not currently in production, but it may still be supported. All Supporting Documents are located on our website; use the links at the right to download the applicable files or contact Technical Services for assistance.


The FC 30 SCA Generator offers the highest performance available for data or audio transmission, suitable for either high performance audio or DC-coupled data transmission on a multiplexed subcarrier.

Occupying only 1.75 inches of vertical rack space, the FC 30 doesn?t need a separate rack enclosure. Extensive RFI filtering permits trouble free operation in high RF fields.

All operating controls are accessible from the front panel which also accommodates LED peak-modulation indicators.


Key Features


  • DC coupled VCO for direct NRZ FSK of the subcarrier
  • High-stable, ultra-linear modulated oscillator ensures minimum distortion at 39 to 99 kHz
  • Dual-mode, controlled-decay subcarrier attenuator ensures noisefree receiver muting
  • DC coupled data input and AC coupled audio output
  • Front panel LED peak modulation indicators and control adjustment access
  • Memory logic retains mode of operation during power interruption up to one hour, with automatic restart
  • Unique, optically-isolated remote control
  • Recommended by the leading SCA data transmission equipment manufacturers




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