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NFServer: Advanced File Distribution


NFServer is our super-duper file distribution application that makes transparent networking between studios and sites possible. Used over a wide area network, NFServer connects sites in different cities, states or countries. It is useful for synchronizing cuts on multiple workstations, for creating multiple levels of backup and for sharing audio between stations.


One of the major advantages of using NFS over a WAN is that everything happens transparently. Users don’t have to think about putting files in specific folders. NFServer makes sure that all library “vaults” have the most up-to-date files.


Key Features

  • Share network files and audio transparently
  • Create hot backups of station audio libraries and other critical files
  • Keep all files in your network up-to-date with the latest versions 



AVFTPServer: Embedded File Transfer


AVFTPServer is an FTP-based tool that is equally at home within single-station and multi-station groups or networks. AVFTPServer allows you to automatically distribute content using an IP connection, either on your local network or over the Internet.

A true FTP server with added AudioVAULT functionality, AVFTPServer can handle more than just AudioVAULT files. Any type of file can be distributed, including software updates, spreadsheets, company memos in any format and even video or Flash files.

AVFTPServer allows you to centralize manpower. Programmers based in New York can easily deliver music schedules to stations in Portland or Puerto Rico. Traffic can be centralized in Kansas City, delivering schedules to sites in Bangor or Barcelona. Production can be created in fully equipped studios in Dallas and automatically delivered to Tokyo or Timbuktu.

Once the remotely created content arrives at the local site, it can automatically be imported into the local AudioVAULT without any manual intervention.

Not only can AVFTPServer deliver content, it can retrieve content just as easily. As-run logs or reconciliations can be gathered from anywhere in the world and pulled back to a central location for billing purposes.



Key Features

  • Retrieve or deliver practically any type of file using this embedded FTP application
  • Centralize programming, traffic or production resources, saving you money and increasing efficiency
  • Automatically import delivered content to your system
  • Remotely manage and maintain AudioVAULT audio libraries
  • Automatically gather as-run and reconciliation logs from remote stations



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