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New Phone System and Customer Service Functionality

Hi friends of BE!

We wanted to share a little more detail about some of the exciting Customer Service upgrades we’ve got planned for you. As a customer, you have always been able to submit a Support Request from our website but if you wanted to get an update on an ongoing matter or look up previous requests, you’d need to give us a call so we could get this information to you.  Sure, that does the trick but when you’re dealing with a hectic day, you want info right away. So, here is some great news: our new Customer Service website will not only let you submit Support Requests (and route them directly to the experts who can help you fastest), but it lets you look up the current status of any request you’ve submitted.  You’ll also get automatic progress updates as we help resolve issues.

Oh, and for you Engineers who work on a team or support multiple clients? We’ve got you covered! You can look at the status of any Support Request for any station or company you work with, even if someone else originally opened the ticket.  All with a single login.  Yeah… we think that’s pretty cool, too!

We’ll be rolling out these updates this Summer, so keep an eye on this space for more exciting details!

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your continued loyalty.

– Andy Berry

Broadcast Electronics Customer Service

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