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Analog - FM 250C


250 W Analog FM Exciter


The FM 250C from Broadcast Electronics can bring existing FM transmitters up to digital quality standards with the lowest distortion of any available exciter.

The FM 250C's breakthrough technology remains the acknowledged standard for FM audio performance. With the superb specifications available in these products, these exciters are totally transparent to your broadcast signal.

Key Features


  • The FM 250C can serve as a reliable 250 watt stand-alone FM transmitter
  • Computer-optimized phase locked loop greatly improves low frequency response
  • Contains a 250 watt MOSFET as the output device
  • Optional N+1 board allows selection of up to 10 different frequencies in local or remote locations
  • Frequency range of 87-109 MHz digitally programmable in 10 kHz increments
  • Performance specifications feature a dynamic range that rivals CD players with harmonic and intermodulation distortion values so low they are virtually unmeasurable


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Technical Specifications

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