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Broadcast Electronics (BE) Studio and RF Products for Radio


Broadcast Electronics (BE) is all about radio.

100% of our R&D, manufacturing and support is dedicated to ensuring our radio friends around the globe are heard.


Studio Products

  • AudioVAULT, do radio on your own terms with the most flexible studio automation and content management system in the industry.    

  • The Radio Experience (TRE), discover new uses for RDS, HD Radio and Web data, from interleaving song data with weather updates to the latest in interactive social networking.

  • NEW Interactive Tools, redefine the listener experience in this new world of texting, tweeting, IM'ing and Facebooking.

  • SM Logger, capture, archive and podcast audio whenever and however you like, with metadata or without.

  • NewsBoss, deliver breaking news without breaking a sweat. NewsBoss newsroom management system simplifies news gathering and delivery. 


RF Products

  • AM, FM and HD Radio transmitters, go with the transmitter manufacturer that has stood the test of time for over 50 years.
  • FM digital exciters, find out why our dynamically engineered exciters top the list for performance now...and later.
  • HD Radio, future-proof your investment with the easy configurability and ongoing flexibility of our HD Radio generators and data importers.  


Audio/Data Links

  • STL audio over IP, send audio over any IP connection with this robust, industrial grade studio-to-transmitter link.  
  • Marti RPUs, find out why the Marti name is the trusted brand for remote gear.

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phone: +1 217.224.9600



"I appreciate the support I have received from BE with our new transmitter and related HD equipment. I have gotten to know many of your tech support team and have found them to be very professional and helpful."


Alan Burton

General Manager and Chief Engineer


Paintsville, KY