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A Series (500W to 10kW) - AM 500A


500 Watt AM Transmitter


The AM 500A from Broadcast Electronics is designed to save you money. Sure it’s small, but it’s also less expensive than any other major manufacturer’s 500 W model. The AM 500A fits easily into your existing equipment rack without tying up needed floor space. It’s even less expensive to ship. What’s more, the AM 500A’s unique power control design can meet your nighttime power requirements without expensive splitters or the need for a separate low-power transmitter. And because of this unique engineering feature, there’s less audio degradation when it’s time to reduce power.


Key Features


  • Exclusive, patented class E power module achieves unequaled power economy and operating efficiencies
  • Operates at five user-defined power levels, as low as 5 watts
  • Performs at the highest audio quality - even at the station’s lowest output power
  • Front-panel plug-in power amplifier
  • Super cooling system extends transistor life up to eight times
  • Optional output network eliminates the need for external impedance matching
  • Mounts in standard 19” EIA equipment rack
  • UPS-shippable




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Technical Specifications

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