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Discontinued Products


Broadcast Electronics is committed to the ongoing support, service, and repair requirements of our customers, and endeavors to provide products that provide a useful service life for as long as possible. However, because of the age of certain product designs and the rapid obsolescence that occurs with electrical components, especially integrated circuits, service parts become increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain. In these instances, it is our intention to inform you of the products that have been discontinued. A product is labeled "discontinued" when it can no longer be ordered from BE.


This page shows an alphabetized list of discontinued products and the associated date that the product was discontinued, along with available replacement products. If you have any questions or comments relative to the discontinued products list, please contact BE Technical Services at or call 217-224-9617.


This list represents a small percentage of BE's overall product portfolio and, in many instances, have been replaced with newer product offerings. If you are looking to replace your current products, BE has a unique variety of advanced technology products to meet your broadcasting requirements. In addition, a trade-in program toward the purchase of new product may be available. Please contact BE Technical Services for more details.


The BE team appreciates your understanding of the need to discontinue products in order to maximize the benefits of leading edge technology. We thank you for your business, and look forward to supporting your broadcasting needs in the future.


Click on the product name for the product manual and any additional supporting documentation. Note: Schematics are often updated during a product’s life to reflect improvements, as well as parts and manufacturing changes.



BE Product Replacement Product Year Discontinued
10M250 Console n/a 1988
10M350 Console n/a 1987
10M350A Console n/a 1996
10S150 Console n/a 1990
10S150A Console n/a 1996
10S350A Console n/a 1996
12/C Turntable n/a 1991
16/C Turntable n/a 1991
2100CP Cart Machine n/a 1994
2100CPA  Cart Machine n/a 1994

2100CRP Cart Machine

n/a 1994
2100CRPS Cart Machine n/a 1994
2100P Cart Machine n/a 1988
2100PA Cart Machine n/a 1986
2100PS Cart Machine n/a 1990
2100RP Cart Machine n/a 1990
2100RPS Cart Machine n/a 1986
2x1 Switcher n/a 2006
3000 Series Cart Machine n/a 1989
3100AP Cart Machine n/a 1987
3100APS Cart Machine n/a 1987
3200AP Cart Machine n/a 1987
3200APS Cart Machine n/a 1987
3200ARP Cart Machine n/a 1987
3200ARPS Cart Machine n/a 1987
3400AP Cart Machine n/a 1987
3400APS Cart Machine n/a 1987
3400ARP Cart Machine n/a 1987
3400ARPS Cart Machine n/a 1987
4M50 Console n/a


4M50A Console n/a 1996  
4M50AP Console n/a 1996
4M50AR Console n/a 1996
4M50P Console n/a 1987
4M50R Console n/a 1987
4MX 25 n/a 2015
4MX 50 n/a 2015
4MX 100 n/a 2015
4S50P Console n/a 1987
4V50 Console n/a 1986
4x1 Switcher n/a 2006
5401 Cart Machine n/a 1989
5402 Cart Machine n/a 1987
5402C Cart Machine n/a 1993
5403 Cart Machine n/a 1987
5403C Cart Machine n/a 1993
5404 Cart Machine n/a 1987
5404C Cart Machine n/a 1993
5409 Cart Machine n/a 1993
5409C Cart Machine n/a 1993
5410 Cart Machine n/a 1993
5410C Cart Machine n/a 1993
5500A Cart Machine n/a 1984
5501 Cart Machine n/a 1986
5501B Cart Machine n/a 1989
5501C Cart Machine n/a 1988
5502 Cart Machine n/a 1986
5502B Cart Machine n/a


5502C Cart Machine n/a 1988
5503 Cart Machine n/a 1986
5503B Cart Machine n/a 1989
5503C Cart Machine n/a 1989
5504 Cart Machine n/a 1986
5504C Cart Machine n/a 1989
5M150 Console n/a 1987
5M150A Console n/a 1996
5M250 Console n/a 1987
5M250A Console n/a 1998
5S150 Console n/a 1987
5S150A Console n/a 1996
5S250 Console n/a 1987
5S250A Console n/a 1998
8M150 Console n/a


8M150A Console n/a 1996
8M250 Console n/a 1987
8M250A Console n/a  1998
8S150 Console n/a 1987
8S150A Console n/a 


8S250 Console n/a 1987
8S250A Console  n/a 1998
Alpha I n/a 1990
Alpha II n/a 1990
AM 1 Transmitter AM 1A 1998
AM 10 Transmitter

AM 10A

AM 2.5 Transmitter  AM 2.5E 1998
AM 5 Transmitter  AM 5E 1998
AM 500 Transmitter  AM 500A 1998
AS 10 AM Stereo Modulation Monitor n/a 2004
AT90-12 Console n/a 1992
AT90-6 Console n/a 1992
AX 10 AM Stereo Exciter n/a 1994
Big Pipe Audio TX STL-IP 2007
CORE Automation System AudioVAULT 1999
DC 10 Cart Machine n/a 1996
DC 30 Cart Machine n/a 1996
DC 300 Cart Machine n/a 1996
DT 90AP Cart Machine n/a 1998
DT 90APS Cart Machine n/a 1998
DT 90ARP Cart Machine n/a 1998
DT 90ARPS Cart Machine n/a 1998
DT 90P Cart Machine n/a 1997
DT 90PS Cart Machine n/a 1997
DT 90RP Cart Machine n/a 1997
DT 90RPS Cart Machine n/a 1997
DV 2A Recorder/Reproducer n/a 1989
EP Turntable Preamp n/a 1993
EP 2 Turntable Preamp n/a 1993
FC 30 SCA Generator n/a 2008
FM 1.5A Transmitter FM 2C 1989
FM 1/1.5B Transmitter FM 2C 1989
FM 100A Transmitter FM 100C 1989

FM 1C Transmitter

FM 1C1 1995
FM 10T Transmitter STX 10 2015
FM 4S STX LP 5 kW  
FM 5A Transmitter STX LP 5 kW 1989
FM 5B Transmitter STX LP 5 kW 1997
FM 5S STX LP 5 kW  
FM 5T STX LP 5 kW 2010
FM 8S FM 10S  
FM 600/601 Limiter n/a 1986
FM 600/601 Limiter n/a 1986
FS 30 Stereo Generator LYNX 1998
FX 30 Exciter FX 50 1998
IDi 20 IDi 40 2011
LYNX FM Stereo Generator    
MT 90-12 Console n/a  
MT 90-18 Console n/a 1998
MT 100-12 Console n/a  
MT 100-18 Console n/a  
MT 100-21 Console n/a 1994
MVDS Diagnostic System n/a 1989
Navteq Relay Tool TRE  
News Flash Pro TRECast 2010
PNP-150 STXe-500 2009
PNP-1000 STXe-500 2009
Predator Exciter FXi 60/250


PT 90 Cart Machine n/a 1993
PT 90P Cart Machine n/a 1993
PT 90PS Cart Machine n/a 1993
RDi10 RDS Encoder RDi 20  
RDS RT+ Injector TRE 2010
Sentry Automation System AudioVAULT 2001
SL 3110/ML 3110 n/a 1987
ST 90 Eraser/Splicer n/a 1994
TG 2A Dual Tone Generator n/a 1991
TRE Accelerator Card RDi 20  
TW 100/100A Tape Winder n/a 1984
TW 120/120T Tape Winder n/a 1989
TW 240 / 240T Tape Winder n/a 1989





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