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Discontinued Products


Broadcast Electronics is committed to the ongoing support, service, and repair requirements of our customers, and endeavors to provide products that provide a useful service life for as long as possible. However, because of the age of certain product designs and the rapid obsolescence that occurs with electrical components, especially integrated circuits, service parts become increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain. In these instances, it is our intention to inform you of the products that have been discontinued. A product is labeled "discontinued" when it can no longer be ordered from BE.


This page shows an alphabetized list of discontinued products and the associated date that the product was discontinued, along with available replacement products. If you have any questions or comments relative to the discontinued products list, please contact BE Technical Services at or call 217-224-9617.


This list represents a small percentage of BE's overall product portfolio and, in many instances, have been replaced with newer product offerings. If you are looking to replace your current products, BE has a unique variety of advanced technology products to meet your broadcasting requirements. In addition, a trade-in program toward the purchase of new product may be available. Please contact BE Technical Services for more details.


The BE team appreciates your understanding of the need to discontinue products in order to maximize the benefits of leading edge technology. We thank you for your business, and look forward to supporting your broadcasting needs in the future.


Click on the product name for the product manual and any additional supporting documentation. Note: Schematics are often updated during a product’s life to reflect improvements, as well as parts and manufacturing changes.



BE Product Replacement Product Year Discontinued
11RS 2Q Receiver n/a  
800-278 Remote Pickup Noise Reduction System n/a 2002
AR 10 RPU Receiver SR 30
ATS 15E ATS 20E 2004
BR 10 RPU Receiver n/a 1987
CR 10 RPU Receiver SR 30 2002
Digital Cellcast Transceiver n/a 2010
Dobly DP 5502 Receiver n/a 2002
Dolby DP 5504 Receiver n/a 2002
Dolby DP 5501A Transmitter n/a 2002
Dolby DP 5503A Transmitter n/a 2002
GX 440 Telephone Remote Mixer GX 500 2002
M 25C Transmitter n/a  
M 30B Transmitter n/a 1980
MD-2D Receiver n/a  
MD-2E Transmitter n/a  
MR 25 Transmitter n/a  
MR 30 Transmitter n/a  
Plug N Play 150 STX LP 1 kW 2009
Plug N Play 1000 STX LP 1 kW 2009
R 10 Receiver SR 20M 2002
R 15C Receiver SR 20 2002
R 100 Receiver n/a  
R 200 Receiver n/a 1999
R 30 Receiver n/a 1985
R 50 Receiver n/a 1985
RBS 400 Analog Cellcast Transceiver n/a 2004
RPT 1 Transmitter n/a  
RPT 25 Transmitter n/a 1985
RPT 30 Transmitter SRPT 30 2002
RPT 40 Transmitter n/a 1985
RR 30/150 Mobile Relay Receiver n/a 1985  
RR 50/450 Mobile Relay Receiver n/a 1985
SMARTI RKS 111 Telephone Line Remote n/a 2002
SMARTI RKS 411 Telephone Line Remote n/a 2002
SR 10 Receiver SR 30 2002
SR 10E Receiver SR 30 2004
SRPT 40 Transmitter SRPT 40A 2002
SRPT 40E Transmitter SRPT 40A 2002
STL 8 Transmitter    
STL 10 Transmitter STL 20M 2002
STL 10A Transmitter STL 20M 2002
STL 15C Transmitter SR 20C 2002
STL 18 Transmitter n/a 1982
STL 25 Transmitter n/a  
STL 30 Transmitter n/a  
TLX 2000 Talk Port Telephone Remote Unit n/a 2002





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