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Contractor Program


Broadcast Electronics has assembled a team of select broadcast engineers for it's newly initiated Contractor Programs.


These contractors will work with BE in establishing the most innovative national service network in the radio industry, providing customers with best cost solutions and reaching out to them more effectively.


Below is the current list of contractors who have joined BE's Contractor Programs. They may continue to remain neutral in equipment recommendations and advise clients to purchase equipment that is best suited for their application.


Company Contractor State Website Certified Since
Innovative Broadcast Services Corp. Olen Booth  2010
E2 Technical Services LLC Ed Bukont Tennessee

Cavell, Mertz and Associates Gary Cavell Virginia 2009
TEC Communications, Inc. Todd Chiodini Illinois   2011
Cavell, Mertz and Associates Bob Clinton Virginia 2009
Broadcast Works Steve Comer Texas 2009
Cavell, Mertz and Associates Richard Mertz Virginia 2009
Itinerant Engineers John Monahan Florida 2009
Cavell, Mertz and Associates Mike Rhodes Virginia 2009
Modulation Magic Jeff Rosenberg Massachusetts 2009



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