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T Series (20kW to 40kW - 80kW dual) - FM 30T


 30 kW Tube FM Transmitter



This product is no longer available.
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Broadcast Electronics’ 30 kW high power transmitter sets the standards for audio quality, cost-efficiency,reliability, and long life.

The FM 30T represents a new generation of high power tube transmitters and is backed by BE’s commitment to quality. The T Series FM transmitters represent just one of our many solutions to your radio needs.

Key Features



  • The patented folded half-wave cavity eliminates troublesome and unreliable DC plate blocking capacitors and all sliding RF contacts
  • True proportional (VSWR) foldback protects the transmitter under all antenna load conditions
  • Advanced transmitter controller design monitors virtually all operating parameters of the transmitter and facilitates remote monitoring and full connectivity
  • High volume low pressure air flow improves heat transfer while reducing ambient noise
  • Extensive metering of PA parameters eases tuning and adjustment which allows for more efficient operation as proper operating parameters can be monitored and maintained
  • Complete remote control interface built-in allows for convenient use of all current remote control systems
  • The latest MOSFET technology is used in IPAs
  • RTDS (Remote Transmitter Diagnostic System) option available




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Technical Specifications

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