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STL (Audio-over-IP) - Audio TX STL-IP


Audio TX STL-IP units can send stereo audio (or 2 independent mono signals) to up to 6 remote units, each using different audio settings/network bitrates. Using the same audio settings and bitrates, the STL-IP can multicast to an unlimited number of remote units. For larger applications, the STL-IP-8 and STL-IP-16 are available, with up to 16 inputs and outputs.


Each unit is easy to connect with AES/EBU digital or balanced line level analog XLR in/outputs. STL-IP products can also send and receive ancillary data transparently and in sync with the audio (via an RS232 port) and include 4 built-in contact closure inputs/outputs which are also carried end to end, again in sync with the audio. Each unit also has built in silence sensors and audio in/output overload detectors.


STL-IP Connect Software

Perfect for live news, remotes/outside broadcast etc we can offer the new STL-IP Connect software. Designed for laptop, tablet and desktop PCs, STL-IP Connect allows users to instantly broadcast live from anywhere with an Internet connection. STL-IP Connect software allows immediate use on ANY internet connection including DSL/Cable, WiFi, hotel and café internet systems, business networks with Internet access, satellite and even high-speed cellular Internet connections. No other system on the market can offer this level of flexibility, making it a unique solution!


The Only Transmission Grade Solution Available Today

With 24/7/365 reliability and suitable as an IP codec, the reliability and performance of the STL-IP is significantly better than any other audio-over-IP product. STL-IP units are designed with reliability and audio quality as primary design considerations. For even more reliability, each unit offers optional Forward Error Correction (FEC) and network jitter compensation.


The devices can be monitored through SNMP queries and traps, even with email alerts. A new Telnet-style control/monitoring facility offers easy and quick integration into existing control/management/monitoring software systems. In case of network or power failure, the device will start working again as soon as network/power returns.


Key Features


  • Capable of handling uncompressed 96 kHz 24-bit audio, or transmit/receive compressed audio with multiple compression options
  • Easy connections with AES/EBU digital or balanced line level analog XLR in/outputs
  • Built-in silence and overload detectors, 4 in/4 out GPI/O and RS-232 port capable of ancillary data transmission capability up to 128 kbps
  • UDP, TCP/IP or UDP Multicast protocol
  • Delays as low as 5ms
  • Near “copper wire” audio quality and robustness


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