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HD Radio Data Importers - IDi 40





HD Radio Importer with Partitionable SPS


The IDi 40 HD Radio Data Importer from Broadcast Electronics simplifies your delivering powerful audio and data enhancements to your audience. Easy to install and configure, the IDi 40 integrates seamlessly with other BE HD Radio components, takes full advantage of The Radio Experience range of broadcast data services, and is compatible with AudioVAULT and other major radio automation products.


Managing All HD Radio Elements

The IDi 40 provides the opportunity to build listenership and revenue through the delivery of compelling data services and multiple audio programs. The IDi 40 HD Radio Importer allows you to take advantage of HD Radio multicasting-the ability to deliver additional channels of programming without requiring additional bandwidth.

The IDi 40 allows bandwidth scaling, allocating the overall HD Radio bandwidth for main program audio, secondary multicast channels and data. The resulting bitstream is delivered via Ethernet to BE's XPi 10 HD Radio Data Exporter and Encoder, where it is combined with the encoded HD Radio MPS for transport to the HD Radio exciter and transmitter.


Improved Audio Quality

Aeromax-HD2SC from Linear Acoustic is available as an option on the IDi 40. Designed specifically for processing HD Radio low bit rate audio, Aeromax-HD2SC combines an AGC with up to six bands of compression, six bands of limiting, distortion minimized look-ahead peak limiting, and psychoacoustic control of all processing functions to create a competitive yet clean signal. Processing control is via the IDi 40 PC.


Key Features


  • Enables multiple-program HD2, HD3 and HD4 Multicasting and data-rich radio broadcasts
  • Manages Program Associated Data (PAD) and Advanced Application Services (AAS) for display on HD Radio receivers
  • Allows on-the-fly HD Radio signal bandwidth scaling
  • Interface connections for Secondary Program Services, Program Associated Data for all audio channels and Advanced Application Services for enhanced data broadcast
  • Ethernet connection to BE XPi 10 HD Radio Data Exporter




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