BE’s Webinar Schedule

There’s a lot to see and learn

Upcoming Webinars

Broadcast Electronics and Elenos Group is pleased to announce an upcoming NAB Kickoff Webinar to be held on Saturday, April 18th at 12 noon EDT / 17:00 GMT.

The Elenos Group, Wheatstone and Xperi will introduce their exciting new products during the webinar, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers will provide updates as well.

This webinar is hosted by Chuck Kelly and have been approved by the Society of Broadcast Engineers for 1/2 credit in Category I for re-certification.

There is no cost to register for this webinar.

April 18th, 2020 12 noon EDT – “NAB Kickoff” – guests: Elenos Group/BE, Wheatstone, Xperi and the Society of Broadcast Engineers

As wide ranging look at some of the key technologies and topics which will be introduced at NAB – presented free and online on Saturday, April 18th.
Presentations from the Elenos Group / BE, Wheatstone, Xperi and the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Archived Webinars

Broadcast Electronics and the Elenos Group have released their Fall/Winter webinar schedule, and there’s a lot to see and learn. These webinars are hosted by Chuck Kelly and have been approved by the Society of Broadcast Engineers for 1/2 recertification credit in Category I for re-certification. There is no cost to register for these informative webinars which will last about 45 minutes, with time for questions.

a.            October 29th, 2019 12 noon EST – “Indium High Efficiency FM Transmitters from 150 Watts to 60kW” – guest: Peter Conlon & Antonello Giovannelli

Modern solid state FM transmitters are optimized for reliability, performance and efficiency. Chuck and his guests will discuss how Elenos engineers have taken decades of experience with advanced FM technology to advance the state of the art. We’ll also have hands on the user interface and explain the most effective ways to control and monitor the unit.

b.            November 5th, 2019 12 noon EST – “Meet the BE Customer Service Team” – guest: Andy Berry

Andy Berry heads the customer service team for Broadcast Electronics and will share his view of advanced techniques to improve response time, and customer satisfaction for our customers across all the products of the Elenos Group (BE, Elenos, Itelco and ProTelevision) in the Americas. Learn how to get the best support for your Elenos Group products.

c.            November 19th, 2019 12 noon EST – “ATSC-3 the Big Picture” – guest: Perry Priestley

Perry Priestley is COO/CSO of Broadcast Electronics, the face of the Elenos Group in the Americas. Perry has 30+ years of experience in digital broadcasting, and will share his views of the coming changes with ATSC-3. What does it mean for broadcasters, what is the implementation schedule, and what are the risks.

d.            December 4th, 2019 12 noon EST – “AudioVAULT updates and innovation” – guest: Bob Demuth

The AudioVAULT has been one of the leading digital play out systems on the market for decades, and Bob Demuth has been both a user and a product manager for decades. Hear and see how AudioVAULT has developed as radio has evolved, and where future updates are planned.

e.            December 17th, 2019 12 noon EST – “FM Single Frequency Networks – theory and practice” – guest: Morten Simonsen

FM Single Frequency Networks have become practical in the past few years with the adoption of fully digital transmission chains. Learn the basics as well as practical tips to maximize the benefit of the technology. Hear how digital television SFN techniques can be used to enhance analog / HD Radio SFN’s for FM Radio. Our guest is Morten Simonsen of ProTelevision in Denmark.

f.            January 14th, 2020 12 noon EST – “The RF Supercomputer” – guest: Morten Simonsen

Join us for a fascinating webinar with our guest Mr. Morten Simonsen of Protelevision in Denmark as he explains the PT3000 series of multi-standard modulators that support all current digital television standards, as well as digital radio. See how this groundbreaking technology is revolutionizing digital broadcasting.