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Sound/Audio Equipment


Broadcast Electronics (BE) is all about radio.

100% of our R&D, manufacturing and support is dedicated to ensuring our radio friends around the globe are heard.


Studio Products

  • AudioVAULT, do radio on your own terms with the most flexible studio automation and content management system in the industry.    

  • The Radio Experience (TRE), discover new uses for RDS, HD Radio and Web data, from interleaving song data with weather updates to the latest in interactive social networking.

  • NEW Interactive Tools, redefine the listener experience in this new world of texting, tweeting, IM'ing and Facebooking.

  • SM Logger, capture, archive and podcast audio whenever and however you like, with metadata or without.

  • NewsBoss, deliver breaking news without breaking a sweat. NewsBoss newsroom management system simplifies news gathering and delivery. 


RF Products

  • AM, FM and HD Radio transmitters, go with the transmitter manufacturer that has stood the test of time for over 50 years.
  • FM digital exciters, find out why our dynamically engineered exciters top the list for performance now...and later.
  • HD Radio, future-proof your investment with the easy configurability and ongoing flexibility of our HD Radio generators and data importers.  


Audio/Data Links

  • STL audio over IP, send audio over any IP connection with this robust, industrial grade studio-to-transmitter link.  
  • Marti RPUs, find out why the Marti name is the trusted brand for remote gear.

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phone: +1 217.224.9600


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“ many Marconi (NAB award) finalists we use the AudioVAULT automation system. We're also like other stations in the U.S. in that our whole crew is used to wearing multiple hats."



Joey Cummings

General Manager


Pago Pago, American Samoa


KKHJ FM is the small South Pacific station that gained notoriety as a finalist for the 2010 NAB Marconi Radio AC station of the year award.