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STX HP Series (10kW) - STX 10kW




STX 10 10kW FM Solid State Transmitter

Elegantly Simple Meets Innovative Design


The STX 10 is the newest solid state FM transmitter in BE’s transmitter line; and it is the best in our long history in radio. The STX 10 elegantly, but simply, provides the best combination of features in a compact package. The radio broadcaster expects reliability along with performance and the STX 10 delivers on both accounts. Today’s transmitters are expected to be small and energy efficient. With a size of only 22RU and able to fit in a standard rack and with 70% AC to RF efficiency, the STX 10 shines in both areas. 


Looking further into the design, the STX 10 provides multiple hot-pluggable Power Amplifier Modules and Power Supply Modules to stay on air in an adverse situation. If you want redundancy, the STX 10 provides options for both the Power Supply and Controller Power Supply for an auxiliary spare. 


Of course, as the world becomes more IP connected, the STX 10 can be accessed from any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone and is also SNMP V2 and V3 compatible. 


If audio quality is important, then the STX 10 with our latest exciter, the STXe 500 is the right choice. Broadcasters have been telling us for years that our FX 50, then FXi line of exciters are the best in the market for reliability and audio performance. That was true until we released our STXe line of exciters.


If HD Radio or DRM+ is in your future, the STX 10 with STXe 500 exciter is ready for either standard, right now or in the future.   


In looking at the total picture of Size, Efficiency, Redundancy, Reliability, Audio Performance, and Connectivity, the STX 10 is the best value at 10kW for the radio broadcaster. 


Key Features

  • Only 22RU (fits in a standard 30” deep rack cabinet)
  • Multiple Hot-Swappable, Hot-Pluggable Power Amplifier Modules
  • Multiple Hot-Swappable, Hot Pluggable PA Power Supplies
  • Front Access to all PA Modules and Power Supplies
  • IP Connectable
  • Superior GUI for access from any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone
  • SNMP V2 and V3 Control Compatible
  • HD Radio and DRM+ Ready
  • 70% AC to RF Efficiency
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Options
  • Utilizes the STXe 500 for optimal audio performance.
  • RDS Generator Built-In and Standard
  • Exciter includes multiple program inputs with silence sensor and failover
  • N+1 Capable
  • Synchronous FM Capable with Audio Delay Built-In the exciter






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