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Accessories - CD 15


CD 15 Composite STL Demodulator


The Marti CD 15 Stereo Demodulator decodes a multiplexed composite signal into discrete right and left channel audio. The CD 15 provides for a composite AM Stereo transmitter feed, audio monitoring at composite STL repeater sites, and composite stereo remote broadcasting (export only). The unit is equipped with 75 microsecond de-emphasis and delivers 600 ohm balanced audio via rear panel outputs. The CD 15 employs peak-hold LED metering of Left and Right Modulation. Audio output levels are front panel adjustable over a range of 0 to +10 dBm.


Key Features


  • Automatic mono/stereo switching
  • Front panel peak-hold LED metering of left and right modulation
  • Quick disconnect for balanced 600 ohm outputs
  • Front panel adjustable audio output levels
  • On board accessory relay allows for stereo/mono switching of associated equipment
  • External DC power input via rear connector


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Technical Specifications

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