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RPU Remote Broadcast


The name Marti is synonymous with STL and RPU. The BE-Marti name is probably the most recognized manufacturer of remote broadcast gear, offering dual-frequency and frequency agile transmitters and receivers.


Available configured for anywhere in the world, BE-Marti will also help you put together your complete remote system including antennas and accessories.


Marti remote pickup transmitters and receivers are reliable year after year and can stand the punishment of time and hostile field conditions. Providing the best value, Marti products are assembled and tested in the USA to meet the rugged demands of today's broadcasters.


Marti RPU equipment can also be used as TSL units, providing return audio links.


Remote Pickup Transmitters

Whether you're looking for a fixed, portable or mobile remote transmitter, Marti RPU transmitters combine unbeatable value with the features and reliability you've come to expect from BE.


Marti SRPT 30/40A models are wideband, high-power RPU transmitters designed for reliable high-quality remote broadcast links. Both models feature synthesizer technology to increase performance and eliminate the need for RF tuning.



Remote Pickup Receivers

Working with their companion transmitters, Marti receivers provide a high-quality synthesized point-to-point communications link for remote broadcast applications.


Each receiver is offered in a wide range of band models for maximum flexibility. Each can be portable or rack-mounted and can operate on AC or DC power, and features front panel squelch control and front panel signal attenuation control to minimize IMD products.



RPU accessories increase the functionality of your remote broadcast gear! Rechargeable battery packs for the RPT 2 and RPT 15 enhance their usefulness in the field.


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"With the different software and equipment that I deal with on a daily basis, dealing with Tech Support can be a huge pain. But, BE has the best Tech Support reps that I have ever dealt with. Great Job!"