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For many broadcasters, the Marti name is synonymous with remote gear. Just about every station has owned a “Marti” at one time or another to carry remote broadcasts back to the studio.


It all started in 1947, when George W. Marti obtained an FCC license to build radio station KCLE in Cleburne, Texas. His experiences operating the station led to an idea for a portable VHF transmitter capable of sending high-quality radio programming from a temporary remote location to a receiver located at the studio.


The remote pickup unit (RPU) remains today one of the staples of radio for electronic newsgathering.


Marti Electronics, Inc. was formally established in 1960 to manufacture RPUs. Additional products added to the Marti line over the decades include microwave studio-to-transmitter links (STLs) and antennas. In 1994, the company was sold to Broadcast Electronics to continue its tradition of quality manufacturing and support.

RPU  Remote Broadcast

RPU Remote Broadcast

When you think of wireless RPU gear, of course you think of Marti first. We are the most recognized manufacturer of remote broadcast gear, offering dual-frequency and frequency agile transmitters and receivers.


Available configured for use nearly anywhere in the world, Marti can also help you put together your complete remote rig with antennas and accessories.

Marti remote pickup transmitters and receivers are reliable year after year and can stand up to the punishment of field use. Providing the best value for your dollar, Marti products are built in the USA to meet the rugged demands of today's broadcasters.


Marti RPU equipment can also be used as TSL units, providing return audio links.

STL (Studio Transmitter Links)

STL (Studio Transmitter Links)

Marti STL transmitters and companion receivers form a high-quality, point-to-point radio communications link.


Marti gives you a choice in uncompressed analog STLs. We continue to offer discrete systems utilizing separate transmitters and receivers for left and right channels, as well as composite stereo configurations. Companion subcarrier generator/demodulator pairs are also available.


Available in a wide range of band models, complex systems can be built from basic transmitter/receiver pairs having multiple relays (repeaters), bi-directional (full duplex), and automatic switching standby features.


Telephony Products


Rugged simplicity is built in to every Marti remote mixer. Compact yet full-featured, versatile Marti remote mixers have all of the features that you would find in much larger mixers or consoles.

Complete with a sturdy plastic protective case, each unit can operate on AC power or internal long life rechargeable batteries. Marti remote mixers are loaded with all the features that make remote broadcasting easier than ever.




 Marti Electronics didn't invent the idea of using antennas, but we perfected it!


As part of our commitment to provide a full range of broadcast solutions, we've partnered with a number of industry leading companies to offer a complete line of general and special-purpose antennas. We have the right antenna for practically any application, from aviation use to magnetic whip antennas.


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Elenos S.R.L. moves to acquire Broadcast Electronics (BE): An Inside Conversation

by Jeff Wilson, Director of US Sales and Marketing, Broadcast Electronics. 



On December 20, employees of BE and Elenos, our customers and broadcasters throughout the world, the city of Quincy, Illinois USA, and vendors and partners everywhere were shocked to learn that Elenos is acquiring BE. Since that announcement, there have been many emails, calls, and questions regarding this acquisition. In an attempt to try to answer some of these questions, I have had a conversation with Leonardo Busi, Elenos Group President and Tom Beck, President/CEO of BE. Here is the text of the conversation. 


Wilson: A lot of people worldwide were surprised to hear that Elenos is acquiring BE. Does this reaction surprise you? 



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