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STL (Audio-over-IP)

Designed to be used for studio-to-transmitter links, program distribution or sharing, remotes or any form of permanent or semi-permanent audio connectivity, STL-IP units easily and reliably send and receive audio over any kind of IP connection.


Network options include LANs, WANs, Satellite, WiFi, T1/E1 or professional Telco grade networks like MPLS networks. They can even be used over high-speed internet connections.


STL-IP products can easily transport uncompressed 44.1 kHz audio. In fact, all Audio TX STL-IP products can handle up to 96 kHz 24 bit audio without impacting quality. Transport of compressed audio is also supported with multiple compression options including ADPCM (between 128kbps and 384kbps), professional grade MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3 coding, and our new extra Low-Bitrate-1 algorithm for high quality voice transmission at low bitrates. The optional AAC Codec pack offers the best quality AAC coding available on any broadcast product today, including options for MPEG4 AAC, AAD LD (low delay), and HE-AAC (AAC-SBR).


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“I have checked the unit a few times since (installation) and everything is rock solid. No hot cables, the remote readings are steady and the power output hasn’t wavered.” 

Tom Oliver 

Senior Eastern Engineering Manager


Educational Media Foundation/Air 1 Radio

Commenting on his new BE STX LP 3 kW transmitter housed in an outdoor rack challenged by fire ants, sea gulls and the salty, humid elements from ocean nearby.