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Technical Specifications


450 Duplexer - Specifications

Feb 19, 2019

Electrical Specifications

Input Power150 W
Frequency Band440-512 MHz
Spacing vs LossMinimum Space: 3.00 MHz Maximum Loss: 1.2 dB
Spacing vs LossMaximum Space: 30 MHz Minimum Loss: 0.8 dB
IsolationMinimum: 85dB Typical: 90 dB
CavitiesSize: 4" Qty: 4

Physical Specifications

Shipping Weight19 lbs; 8.7 kg
Dimensions19" x 19" x 12" 140cm x 483 cm x 305 cm

Special Notes

Specify transmit and receive frequencies and transmit power levels when ordering. In both Band Pass and Pass Notch style duplexers, greater isolation can be achieved at higher insertion losses. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

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