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August  26,  2011


New at IBC and Radio Show 2011, interactive tools by BE for engaging listeners in real-time song voting, social media networking and mobile text marketing.

Broadcast Electronics (BE) will introduce new studio tools for song voting, text marketing and interacting with today’s mobile listener at the IBC 2011 conference in Amsterdam and the 2011 Radio Show in Chicago next month.

Included are BE’s CrowdControl ‘crowdsourcing’ tools for listener song polling, its DJ Wall application for interacting with listeners through a wide variety of social networking channels, and BE’s all-new SMS Campaign Manager tools for creating mobile text ad campaigns.

“With this new interactive line, we are combining the interactivity of the web with the immediacy of radio to enhance the listener experience and give broadcasters some exciting new revenue opportunities,” comments BE’s Senior Product Manager, Studio Products, Jim Roberts, who will speak about these and other new developments affecting today’s broadcaster at the upcoming 2011 Radio Show. (Roberts’ presentation, Getting Your Arms Around Today’s Fast Paced Studio, is during the Studio/Production breakout of the Engineering session on Wednesday, September 14, from 1:30 to2:00 p.m.)  

Developed in partnership with software company LocalMedia, BE’s interactive web tools are designed specifically for the broadcast studio and integrate into the station’s existing website to provide listener participation in three main areas: song voting, listener interaction and text ad campaign management.

For song voting, BE’s CrowdControl presents in a web interface songs or selection options from the station’s playlist that listeners can vote for or against. Listeners can pick songs to air now or later, plus view voting status and comments by others on a station chat “wall” moderated by station talent through the DJ Wall module. Similar to a Facebook wall, only for radio use, DJ Wall aggregates for the station operator all listener feedback from various social networks and integrates local SMS and voice-enabled phone numbers into the social networking experience.


Listeners authenticate through Twitter,Facebook or other social media channel from a desktop PC or Android, iPhone or other mobile device.


CrowdControl can be set up for hourly or dayparted voting blocks, or for 24/7 listenership control of, say, an HD or web channel. On the back end,CrowdControl dynamically tracks the top-voted songs and feeds the information to the studio automation system in real-time for immediate or future playback.  CrowdControl also provides supporting tools so listeners can sample songs they’re not familiar with or purchase their favorite songs from Amazon or iTunes.


In addition to song voting and social media interaction, BE is introducing its all-new SMS Campaign Manager offering broadcasters emergent revenue-generating opportunities through mobile text marketing. SMS Campaign Manager includes everything needed for managing text campaigns for radio advertisers, from keyword targeting of mobile subscribers and sending text messages using short-codes (for example, text keyword "Lunch  Deals" and short-code 1234) to tracking campaigns in real-time using dynamic reporting tools.  


The new interactive tools will be available for demonstration at BE booth 329 during the 2011 Radio Show and BE stand 8.C91 at the IBC 2011 conference.

BE also will showcase at the fall conferences its popular AudioVAULT FleX studio control system and The Radio Experience (TRE) data management suite.  On the RF side, BE will showcase AM, FM and HD Radio transmitter lines, including the feature-loaded STX LP low-power line and new HD Radio technology VPe for improving transmitter efficiency.



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