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April  9,  2011

Option for TRE’s data management system expands song tagging to any device that supports Twitter


Broadcast Electronics (BE), through its company The Radio Experience (TRE), developed a song tagging application that makes song tagging possible on any portable device that supports Twitter.


Until now, tagging songs played over the air for purchase later through iTunes has largely been restricted to those listeners who happened to have an HD Radio receiver or the latest iPod Nano or iPhone with this capability. But now, by taking advantage of a Twitter feature known as “favorites”, TRE is enabling stations to offer iTunes tagging to listeners whatever their device of choice, including the Web.


With this new option for its data management system, TRE enables song tagging using the common social network Twitter, so listeners with Blackberries, Androids, and other devices can tag the songs they hear on the radio. 


How it works:  Stations set up a Twitter feed with now playing events using TRE, which establishes a unique iTunes URL link for each song event as part of the Twitter feed. Listeners with iPhones and other devices with iTunes tagging can click on links to purchase songs as they’re played on the air. Listeners with Blackberries, Androids and other devices lacking iTunes tagging capability can mark songs as “favorites” for eventual purchase through the iTunes music store. 


Tagging is one of several applications available for TRE’s data management system, now used in major markets for creating and scheduling text messages for playout on the Web, HD Radio receivers and RDS radios.


TRE, the datacasting division of Broadcast Electronics, has been a forerunner in new data applications for radio, such as electronic program guide (EPG), navigational mapping data, and Artist Experience album art development. Demonstrations of Twitter song tagging will be at BE booth C2217 during the NAB 2011 show.  


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