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March  17,  2011

New AudioVAULT FleX features include gain controlled voicetracking, tabbed gadget docking, integrated audio editor, audio hooks and loops creation and new screen presets

Broadcast Electronics (BE) introduced a few new studio moves for multitaskers this upcoming NAB convention.

New to its AudioVAULT FleX studio control system is a feature for being able to seamlessly manage cross fades using audio gain control, which is useful for voicetracking, and yet another feature for quickly marking song sections, which is helpful for creating engaging audio hooks and loops. Also new is a tabbed gadget docking feature for instantly switching between tasks, an integrated audio editor for manipulating audio seconds before air, and new screen presets for even greater workflow flexibility.

"This is a continuation of our strategy for a studio system that is responsive yet flexible for all the demands now being placed on broadcasters today," says Ray Miklius, Vice President of Studio Operations for Broadcast Electronics.

AudioVAULT FleX is BE's next-generation studio control system. It features time-proven reliability, true IP networking, voice track segue editor, and changeable "skins" preset according to talent preference, show requirements and other studio purposes. Used by thousands of studios worldwide, the AudioVAULT platform has dozens of tools to choose from for creating, scheduling and delivering content.

Now, with this latest version, AudioVAULT FleX adds a simple segue editor for doing quick song-to-song transitions and an enhanced voice tracker with gain envelope control for seamlessly crossfading voice tracks with music. The new voice tracker makes it possible for talent to add commentary during a song by adjusting audio gain, and to fade music or voice tracks during transitions. Add in AudioVAULT FleX's IP audio networking and studio synchronization features, and broadcasters now have the ability to quickly access music anywhere in the network, syndicate shows individualized by affiliate, and collaborate with talent down the hall or across a cluster.
AudioVAULT FleX can be configured for any size operation, from a single station to a multi-site network of stations.


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