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February  25,  2011

Broadcast Electronics (BE), returns to the BES Expo this week with a new studio system and its low-powered FM transmitter as cost-effective solutions for India's third phase of FM privatization. 

BE's new scalable AudioVAULT FleX studio system and small, feature-packed STX LP low-power FM transmitter are aimed at reducing the costs associated with new FMs licensed to tier 'D' cities in India, where local content creation and tower infrastructure issues present unique challenges.

Small rack size is one of several benefits BE's STX LP transmitter offers these and other private broadcasters. "This solid-state transmitter design addresses the limited space constraints anticipated for the new license locations. For example, the three rack unit STX LP 1kW is 1/3 of the footprint of other transmitters in its power class for fitting into those small spaces," says P.S. Sundaram, Managing Director with Technomedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which represents Broadcast Electronics in India as a turnkey provider of RF and studio systems. 

Included in the STX LP's small chassis are integrated FM exciter, backup controller and IP connectivity for configuring and monitoring operation remotely from any laptop or PC.

The STX LP is available in 1kW, 2kW, 3kW and 5kW models and can be power upgraded in the field by simply adding PA modules. Configurations are also available for main/alternate transmitter hot standby applications. This solid-state transmitter is also HD Radio compatible for eventual conversion to the iBiquity HD digital radio standard. The transmitter can also be equipped with a full digital exciter.

For the studio, BE's AudioVAULT FleX offers these private broadcasters and others new voicetracking tools and studio synchronization utilities. These new operating efficiencies are in addition to quick-start controls for manipulating audio seconds before air and customizable screen setup based on announcer preferences, show presets or any number of other studio uses. AudioVAULT options include integration with Music Master and Traffic 2000 as well as NewsBoss news management. AudioVAULT FleX can be scaled to operation, either as a single workstation or a multi-location network with modules added as needed.

"We have taken a scalability approach to product design recently that is especially useful for new market applications because it allows the FM operator to buy and scale without the premium cost to add power later if desired," says BE's regional sales manager Frank Massa.

BE's STX LP solid-state transmitter and new AudioVAULT FleX studio automation system are at the Broadcast Engineering Society (BES) Expo 2011 in Delhi, India, booth 64 in Hall 12A, shared by Technomedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

BE and Technomedia Solutions have supplied systems to independent FM broadcasters in India since the government opened up FM frequencies for private operation. They have supplied studio and/or RF systems to Sun TV Network, Kal Radio Ltd., South Asia Ltd., Sri Puran Ltd, Malar Publications Ltd, Malayala Manorama, Purvy Broadcast Ltd. and other independent broadcasters in India.

BE makes a full line of studio gear and RF transmitters ranging from solid-state 60W to single-tube 100kW systems, now in use by stations throughout the world.


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